In house fabric production by HANRO

In house fabric production by HANRO

"Around 80% of our fabrics are produced in the textile production facility at the company’s headquarters in Vorarlberg, Austria. Seamless and hemless finishes, soft mercerization, and the very finest stitching requirements are just some of our innovations that we are constantly developing." STEPHAN HOHMANN, Managing Director

HANRO Managing Director Stephan Hohmann. Quality starts with the selection of raw materials. We knit and dye our fabrics in-house in our own textile production facility.



A team comprising of product management, product development, and design create unique styles that reflect HANRO’s signature design language day in and day out. Our prints and embroideries are drafted in house by the designers exclusively for HANRO. More than 365 days of heart and soul, meticulous planning, and attention to detail go into every new collection. It takes more than a year before the finished products are available for purchase. More thank 180 days is spent dedicated to the design, the creation of embroidery and prints, selection of color for the prints, choice of threads, and deciding on the style of knit and finishing.
The embroidery is created by our designers with lots of experience and attention to detail. A lot of time and patience is required until the fit is perfect. The embroidery lends the timeless cotton lingerie a feminine touch.




In addition to our own in-house production facility, HANRO also works together with textile companies in the region. The woven fabrics are sourced from Getzner Textil, one of the oldest family-owned companies in Vorarlberg. The embroidery is produced by Hämmerle & Vogel according to the specifications of the HANRO designers. The TENCEL™ fibers come from the company, Lenzing AG. "We’re very happy about these long-standing partnerships. On this basis, we also make a significant contribution to the safeguarding of craftsmanship in the region," says Stephan Hohmann.

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