About Us

Our Story

For over 130 years, HANRO has crafted the world’s finest lingerie, nightwear and loungewear. Ever since its foundation in 1884 in Switzerland, HANRO has stood for understated luxury, natural elegance, and high-end garments which are pure pleasure to wear. Decades of tradition combined with technical innovations and contemporary design are what make HANRO such a distinctive brand. Our products employ premium natural fabrics, state-of-the-art knitting technologies, and detail-loving design. The end result is intimate apparel that is incredibly luxurious, unbelievably comfortable, and amazingly long-lasting, serving sophisticated women and men all over the world. Quality that you can feel on skin!



Our definition of style? A simple elegance that comes totally natural. ‘Understated Luxury’ is the essence of our philosophy. Less, but only the best – that is what characterizes HANRO as a brand. This vision of quality can be found in every detail: the best materials, the perfection of the designs, the exquisite finishing, the elegance achieved by pure aesthetics. We believe true luxury is what makes you feel completely at ease in your skin. This is what makes HANRO so unique and contemporary – for more than 130 years.


HANRO stands for passion for the product and precision in each step. Our products are marked by excellence of quality, extremely skilled craftsmanship and a loving eye to detail. Our designs embody elegance and aesthetics in every fiber. Using the very latest technology (such as seamless and hem-less knitting or soft mercerization), top quality fabrics from carefully selected premium natural fibers are processed and combined with exclusive French lace or Swiss embroidery to create unique garments of inimitable quality.