INTERVIEW: Designer Nora Döring

INTERVIEW: Designer Nora Döring

„When you draw by hand, it feels more personal as everyone has a different hand strokes and style.” NORA DÖRING, Designer

What was the inspiration behind the 'Celia' print?
I was inspired by the underwater world, from the colors to the plants to the animals. For example, the algae and kelp gardens swaying harmoniously in the water. All this inspired the design of the print.

Do you draw the prints by hand?
Yes, I draw all the prints by hand. For 'Celia', I took the traditional route and started on paper. Then I digitize the drawings, edit them in Photoshop, arrange them, and color them.
When you draw by hand, it feels more personal as everyone has a different hand strokes and style.

What are the main colors in 'Celia'?
So that the sleepwear collection can be combined with other styles of the collection, we have chosen the colors dark green, gold, khaki, and dark blue.

Interview with the Designer
Celia collection by HANRO

What makes the sleepwear collection so special?
Especially with 'Celia' I like the combination of the shiny fabric with the print, which gives the deep green and gold an elegant three-dimensional look.

What is it like to see the finished product with the print you drew yourself?
During the creation process, we only see the print beforehand as two-dimensional on paper. When I saw the pictures of the campaign shoot, how the product is styled on the model, and how it looks in the photos - that moment totally overwhelmed me. It is an indescribable feeling.

Your styling tip for 'Celia'?
The 'Celia' print can be elegantly combined with our viscose lingerie 'Lucy' and the velvet loungewear 'Favourites'. But I would also wear 'Celia' as an everyday look. I would wear the pants and the top together, so it’s almost looks like a jumpsuit. Or , pair the pants with a chic blouse and the top with casual pants. Both are elevated, glamorous looks.

In general, how is a new print created?
Once the theme of the print is decided, I start researching and building a world of images. I select motifs and elements that I can easily imagine in a print format. To refine the research, I hand-draw individual elements that I particularly like. Then I start with the first drafts and put these elements together to create a harmonious composition.
After that, the colors come into play. We think about which key colors we should use so the print can be combined with other styles in the collection.
We try out different color variations, play with the background colors, and the individual elements. We, then discuss as a team and everyone gives their feedback. Afterwards, we make small changes and finalize the print. The print is printed on the fabric for the first time, this is called the test print. For 'Celia', we worked in partnership with our printer in Italy. This process is repeated until the colors on the fabric match our expectations. We do not get to see the finished product until the photo samples for the shoot arrive from the sewing factory.
The Celia Print
The creative process at the beginning of a new collection is about working on themes, creating mood boards, etc. that's when the ideas are allowed to be wild.

Travel and nature. As a designer, you are constantly gathering and storing inspiration.

To appeal to as many people as possible from different cultures with different tastes and preferences with one design.
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