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HANRO SS22 Interview

The days are getting warmer, longer, and brighter again. The anticipation of balmy summer nights and cocktail evenings rises Summer brings fresh colours into our wardrobes again while dark, gray winter clothes can be stowed away in the back. The HANRO Spring/Summer 2022 collection has an expansive colour palette prepared: from orange, lilac, and pink to yellow, green, turquoise, blue, and red. The Pantone colour "Very Peri", which was named Colour of the Year in 2022, is also reflected in the early summer HANRO collection. It offers all the characteristics of blue tones, at the same time has a reddish-purple undertone. It shows us a lively, cheerful view of the world that inspires bold creativity and imaginative expression. HANRO designer Elena Panagopoulos tells us about the spring/summer collection and lets us dive deeper into the exciting colors used this season.

HANRO SS22 Interview

"My absolute must-have pieces of the spring/summer collection are pants and dress in the colour Beacon Blue from the 'Favourites' collection and the lace lingerie from the 'Thalie' collection in Freesia Yellow. These cheerful colour combinations will make you wish for summer." ELENA PANAGOPOULOS

What inspired you to create this colourful collection?

In the current state of the world, everyone is craving for bright, cheerful colours that radiates positivity. In general, the colour trends consist of intense and bright hues. The colours we chose for the current collection are bold yet elegant.

What are your must-have colours for the spring/summer collection?

My personal favorite colours are the Very Peri Pink, which looks especially great with a summer tan, but our vibrant Beacon Blue and bright Luminous Yellow are also absolutely striking.

Pop Colour at HANRO Australia

What is the best way to style all the bright colours in this collection?

I especially love the monochromatic looks in bright colours, the combinations of one colour or one colour family in slight gradations. If you prefer something more subtle and elegant, you can combine bold colours with more neutral tones such as a beige and white.

Why was it important to include the Pantone Colour of the Year "Very Peri" in the collection?

We use various trend books to get early indication of new trends for future seasons. Since Pantone sets the trend, it makes sense that we follow their lead. Of course, we sometimes change the colors to match HANRO's aesthetics. For example, we adapted the ‘Very Peri’ colour and created our version of it called Violet Blue. It is a little less garish and intense.

HANRO SS22 Pop Colour Interview
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