140 Years Of Hanro

The Anniversary Collection

The Autumn Winter anniversary collection takes a retrospective look at HANRO's history and is a tribute to the woman who has always been at the centre of HANRO's attention. The collection was staged on the Côte d'Azur, in the enchanting flair of the French Riviera, the cradle of haute couture and the setting for legendary fashion brands. For HANRO, this is a particularly important place steeped in history, as HANRO designers were inspired by its sophisticated glamour back in the 1930s.

Experience our campaign shoot - where every detail tells a story and every touch conveys a feeling of pure luxury.


Our new Head of Marketing, Dusko Dragas, has brought a breath of fresh air and creative input into the production process utilising his teamwork approach and has created a perfect symbiosis between bright sunshine and the azure blue sea.

The Touch Of Luxury

"HANRO is a classic brand with an eventful history. The campaign reflects 140 years of understated luxury, timeless beauty, aesthetic design and effortless elegance."


Managing Director

Strong Women

The anniversary collection is a tribute to women, who have always been at the centre of HANRO. The jubilee styles are named after strong women who were heroines then and now, or after famous men who supported and promoted women.