HANRO has been known for its craftsmanship, attention to detail, and production in Europe since 1884. Our designers look for that special something in every detail, and high-quality embroidery from Austria is an important feature in every HANRO collection. Creativity, diligence, patience, and a lot of love goes into the development of every piece of opulent embroidery. After all, these embellishments guarantee the finishing touches for our lingerie creations are true to the HANRO style.



In the new Spring/Summer 2019 collection, our design team has come up with an exclusive floral embroidery for the “Aurelia” day- and nightwear series. “For this embroidery, we wanted to combine a classic design with a modern twist," explains designer Sandra Grabher. “So, we reinterpreted the classic floral element with opaque and transparent sections in a modern way.” In doing so, the design team played with a trendy, open-weave net base onto which the floral elements were placed. The dense and less dense segments create a fascinating 3D effect. “The embroidery has a transparent mesh fill and a dense satin stitch fill with a structure that looks smooth and silky like satin," says designer Elena Panagopoulos. “One part of the embroidery looks matt and the other part has luster.”



The “Aurelia” nightwear boasts a very opulent, decorative embroidered motif at the neckline as well as smaller, feminine embroidery on the chemise. “I placed the embroidery on the sleeves of the robe, creating a beautiful edging without compromising the comfort of a cozy robe”, says Sandra Grabher. The motifs are a little smaller on the daywear – here the embroidery is superimposed and not transparent. This means that the lingerie remains soft and comfortable.


Just like all HANRO embroidery motifs, this floral embroidery was also produced in Austria, Vorarlberg in the town of Lustenau by the embroidery manufacturer Hämmerle & Vogel.




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