Bra Guide Part 1

Bra Guide

Part 1  :  Fit & Purchase



It's been estimated that around 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. However, all size is relative since it can vary greatly from brand to brand and from bra model to bra model. A lot of women are clinging to the idea of a specific size, forgetting that only the fit is what matters. In order to know whether a bra fits or not, the following points should be considered.






The most important part of the bra is the back. This part should run horizontal around the chest. If it slips up, you should consider a smaller under-band. Attention: If you do not want to change the cup size, you have to pick a higher letter. For example an 80B has the same cup size as 75C and 70D. 






Is the neckline lying flat on the chest? If the neckline cuts into your breast then it is possible that the cup is too small. If it wrinkles, the cup is probably too big.






Is the bridge in the front between the cups lying flat on your sternum? If not the cup is probably too small or the bra model is not right for you. 







The underwire should frame the breast and lie flat on the chest. They should in no case lie or pinch, into on the soft breast tissue.







In the end it is important to examine the straps. They should be tight without cutting into the shoulder. If the straps leave pressure marks they should be elongated. Keep in mind: the support of the cups comes from the undern band and the back part, not from the straps!  




Helpful tips from our Bra-developer Frauke Nagel 


When trying on bras, take your time and keep the bra on for a couple of minutes instead of taking it off immediately. Move your arms, sit down and stand up again. It is like walking up and down with new shoes. Like shoes, bras become more comfortable with time. However, if the bra is uncomfortable, tight or pinches, you should try on a different size or a different bra model.  

Not every bra fits every woman and not every style suits everyone. It mainly depends on the material and the shape of the underwire. 

In order to find out what suits you best, trying on different bras is unavoidable. 

Since every woman is built differently there is no formula that applies to everyone. I recommend visiting a specialty shop or a bra expert who can give you tips on what you need to be aware of. You can recognize a good advisor if he or she caters to your individual needs and does not persuade you to buy a specific bra.