Bra Guide Part 2

Bra Guide

Part 2  :  The Right Way To Put On A Bra



Putting on a bra seems rather intuitive. However, exactly those small things can greatly influence the comfort of a bra. The right way to put on a bra is especially important when assessing the fit of a bra. Therefore you should consider the following steps when putting on a bra at home or just for trying it on in the shop.





Place your arms through the straps and place the underbust band or the underwire beneath your breasts. 






Bow slightly forward, let your breasts fall into the cup and close the back hooks. Alternatively you can put your bra around your waist, close it in the front and turn it carefully around your body until the cups are in the front. Then slide it upwards beneath the breasts. From the start the cups should point out, so that they do not have to be untucked or pulled back up.








If you put on the bra for the first time, use the set of hooks furthest out on the band. Later on, provided that it is comfortable, you can close the bra with the middle hooks. Take care that the under band runs horizontal and does not slide up in the back. 






Position the straps on the shoulders. If the bra is new it is possible that they are too short. Therefore it is best if you lengthen them before putting them on for the first time.  






Place a hand between cup and breast and gently push the breast from the side to the front into the cup. The breast tissue should completely lie in the cup and the underwire should frame the breasts. When wearing wireless bras the under band should sit tightly beneath the breasts without sliding up. 






Lastly, it is important to examine the straps. They should be snug without cutting into the shoulder. If the straps leave pressure marks they should be lengthened. Keep in mind: the support of the cups comes from the underbust band and the back band, not from the straps!