HANRO knows what women love. Our product management, product development, and design teams are made up of 100 percent strong women. Every day, they create unique, self-confident styles in pure HANRO design - by women for women. 
We’d like to focus on our "underwear experts" in honor of International Women’s Day.
Christiane Braun, Head of Product Management & Design
"Our underwear is designed for strong women who already have a great sense of personal style. We want to help her embrace that without changing it. When I create underwear for women at HANRO, I keep the diversity of the customer in mind. HANRO is reliable and sustainable in terms of materials, workmanship, and fashion."
Beate Dorner, Product Development
"The special thing about HANRO is that even though, we’re a small team, we are able to produce amazing lingerie that can be found all over the world. Each member of the team leaves a personal fingerprint on the collection with his or her knowledge, experience, and commitment. This solidarity can be felt in every single piece of lingerie. "
Elena Panagopoulos, Designer
"Our designs are both self-confident and strong as well as elegant and delicate. There‘s no contradiction for us, because as a HANRO designer, I would like to emphasize the different sides of a woman. "
Lea Thamm, Product Development
"For me, HANRO underwear expresses a feeling of well-being and a personal little luxury. Knowing
that you are wearing beautiful lingerie is a secret no one else knows and gives you a good feeling.
For me, HANRO stands for attention to details, understated elegance, and, above all, a great
range of soft bras, which I personally like very much."
Claudia Brugger, Product Management
"In the design language, self-confidence means ‚less is more‘. To have the courage and the technical design skills to face this challenge and to remain true to this style, we do not create something shortterm. HANRO underwear is about pure, natural style. This woman wants to do something good for herself, to feel good and attractive, in pleasant and comfortable lingerie made of high-quality materials."
Sandra Grabher, Designer
"Depending on the occasion, HANRO lingerie can make a woman feel pure, simple, seductive, and strong, while expressing her individual personality."

Claire Berninger, Junior Designer
"With the fine HANRO fabrics, you can feel the luxury on their skin and feel strong, self-confident, and beautiful."
Today, on International Women‘s Day, we are making a clear statement for strong women with the self-confident design language of ZOE lingerie: Clear, puristic, sporty design and modern cuts.